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 blood on the snow, jcink | house bolton | au asoiaf
 Posted: Apr 28 2017, 03:58 AM
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original ad is located here. drop me a line over there at the DOMERIC BOLTON account, or i'm in the cbox as NICA or NICACHU depending upon which computer i use.

Like father, like son.

Where do you think the Dread Knight learned the value of silence? Where do you think he learned the power of a wordless stare, the force of his moon-pale eyes? It is no accident that Domeric speaks just above a whisper. From an early age, Domeric suspected that Roose intended to mold him into something cold.

To mold his son and heir into a shadow of himself.

You know Roose Bolton. You know his name. You know the way the hairs on the back of your neck prick up at the thought of his wordless stares, you know the way a shiver makes its way down your spine at the thought of his smile. You know the stories of his House. You know how the old Boltons flayed and wore the skins of Starks as cloaks. You've heard the rumors that Roose still has those skins, deep within the Dreadfort. You've heard tell that Roose never gave up the old ways.

There was never any love to be lost between Roose and Domeric. Roose may have intended to mold his son into a strong Northern lord; into something cold. He succeeded in icing his son's heart to any feelings towards him instead. Domeric loathes his father with a cold intensity. Still, Domeric is loyal. He heeds his father's words as much as any son might heed his Lord and Father. Domeric is loyal and Domeric is practical. Despite his distaste for violence, his loathing for gore, he is intent upon securing the best possible outcome not merely for him, but for his House.

Therefore, I believe Roose has a corrupting influence upon his son. Slowly, insidiously, I can see Lord Bolton turning his son's 'shining armor' into something tarnished. Something not quite so pure, not quite so bright. This is very open-ended, and I am more than interested in feedback, and plotting. I simply have general ideas and very few specifics. Domeric is not currently in the North, but he is returning very shortly, and he isn't returning alone. No, Domeric followed his heart, and intends to return to the Dreadfort with Lorae Celtigar in tow. He neither consults his father on the betrothal, nor is previously betrothed to her, and so that is certainly a possible point of strife, as is the fact that she is not a Northerner. So there's a lot to work with there.

PB is Jason Isaacs, who has creepy eyes and tends to play fantastic bad guys. What could go wrong? Roose has a canon bio, which you oughta check out on the canon list. Here's Domeric's app for reference, and of course, please feel free to drop me a line with any questions about their relationship.

The infamous Bastard of Bolton, Ramsay Snow is everything his half-brother is not. Where Domeric is still and cold as a frozen pond, Ramsay is the blizzard. Domeric is placid, deceptively still, while Ramsay acts upon his urges as they come; rage comes as easily as laughter to him. Domeric seeks to throw off the shade that his Bolton heritage has cast upon him, to become something greater than his blood, while Ramsay epitomizes the Bolton madness and bloodlust.

Y'know. Normal sibling rivalry.

I envision their relationship as a complicated one. Domeric, as he learns of Ramsay's...indiscretions, is repulsed and nauseated by them. But Ramsay is his blood. Domeric may hate his own father, but that does not mean he is incapable of working with the man, or of respecting him. I view something similar with Ramsay. This would be a fairly open-ended plot, as I have nothing particular in mind for them, especially since Domeric is not currently in the North and has not yet met Ramsay, upon Lord Bolton's wishes. However, Domeric is returning to the North shortly, with his future bride in tow. Domeric followed his heart, and intends to return to the Dreadfort with Lorae Celtigar in tow. We all know how Ramsay feels about having other heirs between him and the Dreadfort, and Domeric bringing home a potential source for those heirs? Shit could get real.

Still, I envision a start-of-darkness-lite plot. Domeric, while he is a genuinely good person, is not nice. Nor is he gentle. These traits, and his own pragmatism, are the triad that is most likely to lead him to, while he will never be a sadist, compromise his own morals for 'the greater good', whatever that may be. Ramsay would likely encourage this.

Again, this is all very open ended, and I just really would love to see a Ramsay in play. <3

PB is Iwan Rheon, who I'm a little attached to, can't lie. He's got them creepy Bolton eyeballs. I'd/be okay with his face being changed, so long as whoever it is has the creepy pale eyes. He's got a canon bio, which you ought to check out on the canon list. And here's Domeric for reference.

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