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 Justice League Origins, Looking to fill several Canons
 Posted: Dec 23 2014, 07:30 PM
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All stories have a beginning.

The explosion of the Particle Accelerator, at Star Labs in Central City, has released Dark Matter rays across the planet and has sparked an increase on the planet Earth of individuals who can harness great powers and are willing to stand up for truth and justice – and in turn it's opposite, great evil of equal power, has also arrived to plague the planet. These people have been classified as "Meta-Humans".

Across America, with the new found "Super Criminals" has caused a rise in the "Super Hero" population from city to city. Central City with the Flash, Star City with Green Arrow, Arsenal and Black Canary. Metropolis with Superman, Gotham with the Bat-Family with more and more reported daily. Though there is always someone ready and waiting to challenge them for control of the planet whether it is mob bosses, or clown princes of crime, or one of the new "Meta-Humans", someone is out there seeking injustice; the fight for world is seemingly never-ending.

The very fabric surrounding the planet is changing. Aliens have visited Earth and super powered individuals are engaged in a constant battle of good against evil. There is no more hiding these facts in the shadows of society’s ignorance; nothing will ever be the same again.

Every hero/villain has to start somewhere. Whether it be outside an opera house watching as your parents are shot in front of you, stranded on an island fighting for your life to return to your family, being born on an secret island of Amazons. Maybe you were sent to earth from a distant planet, or being caught in the rays from the explosion of the Particle Accelerator? Whatever the case, every hero/villain has to start somewhere. Something happens in a heroes'/villain's life that changes him or her. It makes them who they are. Every hero/villain has an origin. What’s yours?

Justice League Origins is an AU role play based on the CW Arrow and The Flash shows, and bringing in more DC and original characters. Plots are based on characters involved, and suggestions by our members to help the characters develop and grow. Justice League Origins takes you above and beyond the show, allowing its members to become their favorite heroes and villains and tell their stories.

Character List | Premise

Every hero...every villain has an origin. What's yours?.

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