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 Friend wanted for spymaster villain, and, mail-order bride for fascist policeman
 Posted: Jun 1 2013, 12:08 AM
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Site Name and link: Destine Enormity

Site genre: Dystopian superpowers city
Site info
: Destine Enormity is set in Arcadia, a city where having superpowers is the norm and those who lack them are oppressed. Arcadia is ruled over by the dictatorial Wisemen, and policed by their police, the Elite.

Your name: Hexiva, or Berry
Contact info: Through E-mail, Gchat, and AIM at, through PMs on RPG-D, and through PMs on Destine Enormity itself. I also have other instant messengers, but be aware that AIM is what DE in general uses for messaging and chat RP.

Role(s) Requested: A friend for my character, Valentine Svarc. He’s a manipulative, bigoted theocraft, and the ruthless head of the Elite’s Intelligence Division, to boot. But he’s also an inherently sociable person, cheerful, optimistic, and always willing to help out a friend (even if sometimes that help can come in a rather concerning way.) Unfortunately, he hasn’t really got that many friends. I’d like to remedy that situation.

Your character could be someone who genuinely doesn’t know how much of a bastard he is, or someone who knows full well and agrees with his aims, or even someone who just doesn’t care that much about what he does for a living. I’m open to practically anything but an antagonistic relationship.

I’m totally open on gender and name, but I’d like someone who’s around Val’s age - he’s 35. Aside from that, I’m not picky.

Other notes?:
Take a look through his app, see if you think your character would like him. And please, talk to me! I love talking to new people :3

Site Name and link: Destine Enormity
Site genre: Dystopian people with powers
Site info: The city of Arcadia is a dystopia ruled over by the dictatorial Wisemen and their secret police, the Elite. Here, having powers is the norm, and those without them are cruelly oppressed.

Your name: Nolone
Contact info: Contact me by the PM system on the site

Role(s) Requested: Dahlia, mail-order bride to a middle-level Elite named Gaelic Murray. She is a Normal (a.k.a. a person without powers) and has no play by.

Dahlia is a shy girl, easily flustered by affection. She was sold into prostitution by her parents who didn’t like the fact that she was Normal. Gaelic bought her before she was put to work as a prostitute. She likes to do housework, and sew and stuff, and has an affinity for small-town thrift shops. She has dark hair cut at the shoulders, hazel eyes and olive skin, and is about 5 foot tall and very thinly built.

Gaelic is very sweet to her and has never forced her to do anything she didn’t want to and never will; he promised not to and said that he wanted her to come to him in her own time. She’s grateful that Gaelic bought her, but still kinda uncomfortable about the whole mail-order bride thing. He likes to pamper her. They both want children

Other notes?: Player should be in a timezone within 4 hours of EST, be experienced in shippy RP, and open to smut as well as plot.
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