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 Radstorm Dungeon Masters [Jcink], Yes, I meant dungeon masters.
 Posted: Nov 24 2016, 02:23 AM
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Below is our ad which kinda gives the rough n tumble feel for what we're going for, I think. But click here for some reading material on our dungeon masters, which we call "lore masters". I have one LM already, I just need one more to help pull the workload off when it comes down to it.

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no word count | mature rating | no fallout knowledge necessary
Explore the Wasteland.

Please email me the following information at:

Have you registered already?:
Do you understand that RP accounts must be separate from staff accounts?:
Will you also be role-playing on our forum:
Do you have Fallout knowledge:
Previous staff/mod experience:
Have you read the rules of our forum:
Have you looked around our forum:
How active can you be:
Do you understand the LM role?:

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