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 Gin No Bara (Diabolik Lovers rp), Desperately in need of canons
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 Posted: Jan 16 2016, 11:38 PM
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Gin No Bara is having difficulty in finding much needed canons for our rp. Though the site is majorly filled with OCs, our canons are what help interactions. So we are in need of the following boys:

Subaru Sakamaki

Ruki Mukami

Kou Mukami

Yuma Mukami

Carla Tsukinami

Azusa will be available on a later date. His mun has loose ends to tie up and once they are done, she will step down. People are free to audition for Azusa however. If you pass the audition, you will have your role reserved and we will notify you when the role is open for you to make your Azusa account.

Though we need canons i will want to lay out some rules:

When making a account with the intent to audition, please do not make your display name a canon name, such as Ruki Mukami. Please use a different name and if you get the part then you may use Ruki Muakmi as your display name

You must know how to rp as the boy you plan on portraying. We need people to be as in character as possible. we don't expect perfection but we don't want a Naive and cheerful Ruki, a lazy Yuma, or a flirty and lustful Azusa or anything of the sort. If you plan on playing them, do it right.

Read the rules of the site

And lastly make sure you can do the part. Lately people have taken a role and then after a month or less later have stepped down with out giving a reason why. We are cracking down on that and such behavior will not be tolerated as it is inconvenient to not just the admins but the other members as well and a waste of time so please, please PLEASE make sure you really want the part, that you will give it your all, and that you have the time for it.

Gin No Bara <--- Link right here

If interested, please check us out. If you have questions see Diabolik Misaki (The head admin) and/or Tsurugihime. If you have none and wish to proceed to a audition, make a account and request one. NOTE: You must have a account in order to audition. Guests will be denied.
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