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 Royals and bandits, trust fund folks and bikers, plenty wanted
Devil's Tattoo
 Posted: Jan 23 2018, 03:54 PM
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Group: Super Sexies
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You want to live the rich life of Dallas, or prefer the brotherhood of Sons of Anarchy?
We have both! Enough for all tastes, and more! Rich soap opera werecougars (yes!), and ruthless but loyal club members weecoyotes.

Find us here:

And below is a preview of our wanted:


Helena used to be married to Richard Eastham, the former Alpha. Despite what people would say, despite the power this alliance brought to her and her family, she loved the man. She even moved from California to Pine Creek with him, bringing along some of her own entourage, and her trouble-making brother, Thomas Lawson. She stood by the man when trouble came and the Cougars got into a worrying disagreement with the Wolves. She however did not expect him to die fighting the Wolf Alpha.

Had Richard died unmarried, or had his bride proven unworthy, the power would have been passed on to his living relatives, namely either one of his siblings. But since Helena was his rightful wife and proved her worthiness both, she was made the new leader of the Cougars. Since all protocols and traditions were dutifully respected, the majority of the pride members supports her. She knows nonetheless that not all are happy with her current position, namely some of the Eastham-born and their supporters. With the trouble brewing in town, the various other clans, the caprice of the Cougars, and those of her brother, she has to remain strong and ready.

Rosario Dawson - 41 - Cougar - Lady - job open - available

Rickard is the older brother of the former Lord of the Cougars Richard, and currently one of the owners of the family company. Their names being so similar was something their parents did on purpose. He used to be an aggressive and cold businessman once upon a time, playing a major part in the expansion of the company to branches other than the coal industry. He married and had two sons, although his relationship with his wife went sour fast. The rest of his family and business partners soon decided Pine Creek was not big enough for their vision, thus moving office by office to California. Rickard had however refused to follow any of them, preferring the state he was born and raised in. He took over a cottage by the old ranch, and he had started to invest in the property to ameliorate the facilities. He desired to be left alone with what he had. He became one of the very rare Eastham Cougars to remain behind while the others moved elsewhere with the pride.

He was not fazed by others' attempts at gaining more power in the Eastham company, and he could not care less for the power, allowing his younger brother Richard to be made the Lord. He was not moved when many Cougars from the pride came back decades later to settle in Pine Creek. People underestimate him, or think him an eccentric because of his passion for his ranch and blasé attitude toward the rest. His sons and his sister might think whatever they want of him. In truth, very few truly know him, and anyone thinking him clueless would be gravely mistaken. He knows Pine Creek better than any other Cougar now, after all.

Jeff Bridges - 70 - Cougar - Custodian - Ranch owner and businessman - available

Caroline is the younger sister of the former Lord, and an important part of the pride and the family business both. She followed the other Cougars in their migration out of Pine Creek, and worked hard to make it where she is now, namely as a Knight Marshal of the pride, and one of the main owners of the company. Her advising and cunnings, and the company's branching out allowed for her kind to make a fortune despite having the coal industry devalue. She was not too pleased with the migration back in Pine Creek, and she would often take a plane to fly back to California for business reasons, but it did not keep her away from her pride responsibilities still.

When the Lord died after a duel with the Wolves' Alpha, the pride's laws would have made her the new Lady as her older brother refused the rank, making her the next in line for the title, in theory. But the former Lord had married not long before his death, and the wife had proved her worth, enough to become the new Lady. Caroline saw herself stripped from what title she had eyes on and believed she deserved, and was displeased with this situation. She desires to prove her pride that Helena Lawson-Eastham is not qualified to lead them, and that they would all be safer under her guidance. She is not the only one to think this way, but for now, her partisans and she know they have to maintain a façade for the sake of their kind, and for Cougar decorum.

Sigourney Weaver - 59 - Cougar - Knight Marshal - Businesswoman - available

Sebastian was born in California and would have intended on never leaving the state had life not decided of his course for him. His father is the older son of Rickard Eastham, and a businessman himself, although in charge of one of the media affiliated branches of the family enterprise. His son Sebastian and his daughter Evelyn were thus raised in good wealth. But when Cougars started moving back to Pine Creek, the siblings were faced with a choice: they could come along, or they could be stuck living on their own in California with only a limited access to their father's fortune. To Sebastian, the latter option was as bad as being disowned, and he decided to follow his family, or at least for now.

It took some time for him to move to Pine Creek compared to some of the other cougars, seeing how his parents were among the last ones to leave California. He has only just started trying to get used to life in a small town. He now has contacts with the grandfather he had not seen in years who yet seems to be more interested in his life than Sebastian's own father is. He is also learning to appreciate what freedom the surrounding nature gives him, and what passion can stem from riding at the ranch: playing cowboy is not as cheesy as it seems. Plus, it would appear the simple fact he was coming from a big West Coast city would impress a few of the local girls, and that is something he doesn't dislike. He has yet to discover all of what the town hides however.

It is up to the player to decide if he has taken the bite or not.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson - 23 - human/Cougar - rank - Job open - Available

Evelyn was born in California as well, and she loved every bit of it. Her father is also Sebastian's, and she was raised in the same world as her brother. She was also faced with the choice of coming along to Pine Creek with her family, or having to live alone and almost penniless in the big city. Unlike her brother, she resisted a little bit longer to the move, attempting to live on her own for a short while. But a bad experience while all alone made her reconsider. This had her contact her parents and claim being ready to move to Pine Creek as well.

She thus also recently moved to town, only at a later date than the rest of the California Easthams. She does not appreciate the life in such a small town: she finds people odd and backward here, and her grandfather leaves her puzzled. Her great-aunt, Caroline Eastham, seems to at least be a reasonable one, and Evelyn hopes to benefit from siding with the only sane one, so she would think. She harbours the vague plan of finding a way to have enough support to run away from Pine Creek without ending up living on the street or under a bridge. Until then, she can only struggle to try and find something for her in town.

It is up to the player to decide whether she has taken the bite or not.

Imogen Poots - 22 - Cougar or human - rank open - job open - available
Evelyn Eastham

James is someone loyal to the pride and the Easthams both, although he puts his duty to his clan above that to a specific family. His family has become associate to the Easthams in his teenage years, and when his studies in law were completed, he went on to become one of the pride's numerous lawyers. Cougars are intelligent after all: one cannot climb to power and stability without protection on all fronts, including the legal ones.

He quickly became one of the favourites due to his quick thinking, intelligence, and a mind well balanced between innovative and prudent. His advice often helped the Easthams and pride both. His position, his personality, and what confidentiality he keeps with his clients put him in a good position to be the confident and advisor of many Cougars of any rank, despite his relatively young age. He was made one of the Knight-Marshals by the previous Alpha as a reward for his services. Helena, the new Lady, is left wondering for what service to her late husband this promotion was for, but the truth are not easy to find with men like James. Not that his allegiances are clear for now: he works for the pride, that is all he will reveal.

The player is free to chose which type of lawyer James is working as.

Oscar Isaac - 38 - Cougar - Knight Marshal - Lawyer - available

Joshua grew up with Thomas Lawson (See Coyote canons) as his childhood friend and pridemate, too often getting into trouble with the other man along the way. Thomas' sister, Helena would often end up with them too, despite the fact she was a few years older. However, Joshua ended up growing out of the desire to rebel and run around causing trouble, unlike Thomas. Some would say it was out of having a teenage crush on Helena, and following her example in settling down and taking responsibilities.

What is proven however is Joshua's loyalty to Helena: he'd follow and protect her anywhere she'd go. No matter if she would get married to another man and move in with the latter, or if she would move in a town in the middle of nowhere. Joshua passed from the warrior of the small pride he and the Lawsons were part of, to a knight for the Eastham-born pride, only to remain loyal to his childhood friends. He is of course defending his new pride as well now, but he cannot shake the worry someone would try to get rid of Helena and take over the Lord or Lady role.

Michael B. Jordan - 33 - Cougar - Knight - job open - available

Lorelei spent most of her life living out of Pine Creek, in Columbus, Ohio, and only moved in two or three years ago. She belonged in a small family-based pride and was perhaps the most passionate of them, craving freedom and understanding. She studied so to become a psychologist, interested that she was in understanding the human mind, and has worked in the field ever since. She started seeing a man a few years back, liking the attention and adventure, not knowing he had an actual wife, Vivian Chambers (human canons) until the man was caught by his wife. Ironically, some time later, it was Lorelei's turn to be cheated on by the same man.

She ended up leaving town so to get some time away from the man and her own family, and she got herself a job as a psychologist still at Pine Creek's health clinic. Since she appreciated the companionship and the consideration and contacts it would grant her, she recently joined the Eastham Cougar pride. She only very recently got the surprise of finding out the Pine Creek clinic would have a new doctor, and that this new doctor was someone she was familiar with, namely her ex boyfriend's ex-wife, Vivian. Things might become interesting at work.

Olivia Wilde - 33 - Cougar - rank open - Psychologist/ Therapist - available

Danielle had always been on the tough side, growing up: she would never cry when scratching her knees, and would stand up for herself. Her family is a close business partner to the Eastham, and ascended to wealth with them. They are also quite close to the Lawsons as well, making them some sort of mediators between the two families on a few occasions as of late. Danielle was supposed to take the bite, and become one of the pride's Knights. But something happened along the way, and she found herself to be a Nomad instead, to her surprise.

Since she feels more of a warrior than a seer, she is not always sure of her new role for the pride, nor does she feel too much ease with her powers. Most believe more than herself in her visions, to be frank, but since the pride has such hope in her, she takes it upon herself to try not to disappoint them, and be as patient as she can with it all. Her ranks also allow her to play mediator at times still, as people respect her position. It was even something she saw that motivated the pride to move back to Pine Creek. The details are not known by everyone however, but it was enough to convince a few businessmen that a small town in Kentucky was the place to be. Danielle has to juggle with all of this, for the good of the pride and her family.

Her Nomad species is open.

Tessa Thompson - 34 - Nomad - Sage - job open - available

Christopher is from a small branch of the Eastham company located in the UK, from which only a few are as well part of a local Cougar pride. The animal not being native to Europe, it was one of the members of the Eastham pride which, with permission, allowed the gift to be transmitted overseas two decades ago already. Christopher was chosen by one of the first Cougars, as a reward for his flawless work ethic. He had been with the company for years, and his calm and assured wits, plus his keen sense of observation helped him climb in ranks. Lately, with a recently appointed assistant, he was sent to Pine Creek so to get in contact with the Easthams for clan business. But as the meeting and following stay went on, he received news something had happened to the pride back in UK. Most of them were now dead, and the remaining ones were unaccounted for: the deaths were ruled as suspicious, and the events mysterious and sinister.

His branch of the pride having been wiped out this way, the Easthams incited Christopher to stay with them in Pine Creek, and join the Lady and Knight Marshals seeing how he had none other to lead him anymore. It was also deemed safer for him to stay away from the UK branch as long as the case was not solved, and he was offered a job in Kentucky. Having not much in life for now but his job, and having no family back home, he accepted with some reserve. He now has to adapt to a new country and the rural life, the oddities of the local clans, the new intrigues of the Pine Creek pride, but also to being too often forced to interact with the other survivor of the UK branch having traveled with him. In fact, he does not really see eye to eye with Karen Solt, and yet it seemed like either their situation or their new jobs often have them butt heads. Not that a good challenge scares him at least, plus he is convinced he will either move back to the UK some day, or follow the Easthams to California when -if- they decide to go back to more tolerable settings.

Michael Fassbender - 40- Cougar - rank open - open, for the Easthams - available

Karen also comes from the small UK branch of the Eastham pride, and was indeed part of the diplomatic meeting Christopher Felton was sent to as well (see above). Growing up, she wanted to become independent and make it: she desires success, was always very driven, and was ready to do what it took to get where she believed she was meant to be. She had started out as an intern, but quickly proved competent and ambitious enough to be promoted to personal assistant to one of the high ranking members of the UK branch of the Eastham company. It helped that she managed to gain the trust of the said member, becoming the man's favourite, to the point she was even informed about werecreatures and other secrets.

She saw this as an opportunity to better herself further, and obtained the right to be made a Cougar as well. The trip to Pine Creek was going to be the first of her more serious tasks which could only lead her to further raises. She was sent with someone she felt was seeing through her ways to get what she desires, and who was not as impressed as others at her confident manners. Some tensions existed already with Felton before they even arrived in America.

Needless to say, the wiping out of the small UK branch was not part of her plans. But it was merely setting her back for a little while. Indeed, when she was offered to come work for the Pine Creek pride, she accepted, seeing there many more opportunities in the rest of the country which should come once she was to win the trust of the business owners and leaders of the pride. She was not feeling much concerned for who died or vanished. Sure, she had relatives back in Europe, but she would rather join this American pride and have a chance progressing, than she would want to go running back to her small sad life from before. She is thus ready to conquer this town and the pride in it.

Margot Robbie - 26 - Cougar - rank open - job open, for the Easthams - available

Coyots below!
Devil's Tattoo
 Posted: Jan 23 2018, 03:56 PM
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Group: Super Sexies
Posts: 13
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Joined: 7-January 18


His grandparents were Puerto Rican and Spanish immigrants, although their descendants were all raised in Arizona. Mendoza always lived in proximity to the Hellhounds MC, one of his uncles becoming the President while he was still a child. His own father was a member who never showed enough guts or talents to distinguish himself further despite the years, and who kept an abusive household. Around the time Mendoza reached his teenage years, his father once out stepped monumentally the bounds of the brotherhood, betraying them to the enemy MC, the Cannibals, and had to be put down. Mendoza was adopted by his uncle, and showed more of what the leadership of a MC was.

All the years to his ascension in the ranks, he remained as close as brothers to the Creed kid, finding in Russell a bond stronger than blood. When it became obvious the entire club did not wish to remain in Arizona longer while one of their hunting grounds was left empty in Kentucky, he called for a vote to find the new Prescott President and leaders, and brought what loyal members wanted to follow him to Pine Creek. The chapter having lived there had been wiped out not long ago after all, leaving place to take and deaths to avenge. He ever since makes sure, with his loyal members, this reduced brotherhood can survive and thrive in this new and dangerous environment.

Benicio Del Toro - 49 - Coyote - President - President - Taken by D-S

Russell 'Rusty' Creed has been with the MC since childhood. His father was a patched member when he was growing up and the MC lifestyle is the only one he's ever known. After some petty crime and thievery in his youth, it was only a natural progression for him to eventually join the club. He has done some time for the MC in the past and remains utterly loyal to it.

After a part of the original Arizona chapter broke away from the club to reclaim their grounds in Pine Creek, Rusty was sure to follow the president that he'd come to trust.

Kim Coates - 48 - coyote - vice president - mechanic - Taken by Ace

JT did not entirely start out with a criminal lifestyle, but rather in an abusive home. This nudged him towards a bad crowd at an early age despite his family having enough wealth, a nice house and a few cars, and rather than remaining in that lie of a white picket-fence bliss, he found his life taken over by crime and mischief.

It was only inevitable that the lanky kid should get mixed up with the bikers at some point of his life, the power, the bikes and the brotherhood calling out to him. He became a patched member in the Arizona chapter of Hellhounds, but also managed to straighten up enough to marry on the side. Whether he has kids or what happened to his old lady is up to the player to decide. He was one of the coyotes to follow the part of the MC leaving for Pine Creek, maybe to escape trouble, or just out of fierce loyalty.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan - 49 - coyote - Sergeant-At-Arms - job open - available
Joel 'JT' Treadwell

Verne started out in a poor home in Arizona, like many of the MC members did. He was the eldest of the brood, having to look after his younger siblings and learning the importance of responsibility when he was still only a kid himself. At an older age, when each of the Woods household kids were starting to find their own way, he attempted studying, but could never quite focus on it. Instead he stuck with some friends, drinking and partying, and eventually ending up in a bar owned by a small motorcycle club going by the name of the Drifters.

He was patched in, but after a few years in the club, a larger MC stepped in and made a deal for a patch-over. Drifters were assimilated into the Hellhounds MC and eventually Verne started hanging out with the original chapter. His past education meant that he had the talent and skill for taking over the duties of a secretary within the club when their former secretary decided to become a nomad. He's made Hellhounds MC his home since and shown the extent of his loyalty by moving with the coyote pack into Pine Creek.

Michael Eklund - 44 - coyote - Secretary - job open - available
Vernon 'Verne' Woods

Logan was born in the southern part of the States to a British mother and an American father. His father was a part of the local motorcycle gang and young Logan and his mother remained around him for a few years before his mother felt it safer to return back to UK. After losing his mother, Logan could only track down the family that he had in the US, namely his father and half-brother who were still engaged in MC activity.

A violent confrontation with the local MC and another MC left Logan in a position where it was safer for him to simply vanish. He was taken in by a patched member in the Kentucky chapter of Hellhounds and after his time as a prospect, patched in, as well. A supply run saved him from getting killed in the massacre that decimated the chapter and it took him a small while riding as a nomad to return and to revitalize the biker bar that he'd been taught how to run.

Norman Reedus - 37 - coyote - patched member - bar owner - Taken by Pink

Marshall came into the club in a fairly different way than most would. He was a part of a small group of druggies and criminals in Arizona. Boosting cars, breaking into houses and doing other forms of petty thievery and mischief were his usual deal. A few brief stints to the jail did not make him quit the lifestyle, either, and things only changed drastically when he was dared by his friends to break into the clubhouse owned by the Cannibals MC. He decided he could not go without his sweetheart, Maxine Buchanan, as together they are like Bonnie and Clyde.

As it happened, Maxine aside, he was not the only one set in this task, as another MC was out on a task to have two of their prospects prove their worth by doing the same. With the clamor that came from the surprise of lovebirds bumping into the prospects, the rival MC was roused up and a firefight ensued. Marshall, who was unarmed and unprepared for such a fight, was left badly wounded by a stray bullet. Thinking him a member of the Cannibals they could use for leverage, Marshall was hauled back with the Hellhounds. They took along the human lady trying to defend him still. Bleeding out at the Hellhounds clubhouse, he managed to convince the MC on how little he had to do with the other biker gang, perhaps with the help of Maxine's protests as well. He was saved by a hasty bite sanctioned by the president, turned coyote on the full moon just two days after and made to pay back his debt to the MC by acting as their hangaround.

Over the years he proved himself worthy enough to rise up to a prospect and eventually, a patched member of the club. The brotherhood and power that come with being a part of the MC has made him stay and he's not looking to leave the club by any other means than dying for it.

He made Maxine, who arrived along with him to Pine Creek from Arizona, his old lady so she could benefit from her loyalty to him as well.

Travis Fimmel - 36 - coyote - rank open - job open - available
Marshall Wheeler

Repo is a second-generation Puerto Rican. His father was a member of the Hellhounds MC when Alex himself was just a kid, him and his younger sister learning to get into a lot of trouble and finding creative ways of getting out of it at a very young age. At one point of his life he mixed in with a bad crowd outside the MC and was almost taken by the habit of doing some hard drugs. It was the entire MC that came to pull the teenager out of that life and set him straight.

He was one of the coyotes moving out of Arizona to join his brothers on their old hunting grounds in Kentucky. He might not agree with the change of climate, but wherever his closest brothers go, that's where he'll go, as well. He's a loyal member of the MC and carries his patch with pride.

Theo Rossi - 36 - coyote - patched member - job open - available

Repo's younger sister was raised around bikes and bikers from an early age, same as his brother. This meant that she considers this lifestyle the normal, or at least the desired kind, and she's learned some skills that come with it. Lockpicking and pickpocketing were just some of the things she learned, with her father showing her how to fix a bike or a car. She knows how to take care of herself around a group of often rowdy men and the MC members show her enough respect so as to not to treat her like a sweetbutt. Coyote females are not something to be messed with and she has no qualms about proving that to anyone challenging her.

It was only expected that when Repo made the choice to leave with part of the old chapter to Kentucky that she should follow. She doesn't particularly enjoy her surroundings in what she thinks is a 'hick town' in the middle of nowhere, but the friendships she's gained through the MC and the bond with her brother more than make up for it. She is currently earning her own living by working as a mechanic at the MC-owned garage.

Michelle Rodriguez - 34 - coyote - hangaround - mechanic - available

He was raised in Arizona, and was introduced to the Hellhounds in his early teenage years by relatives having been MC members for a while. He became interested in the brotherhood and ended up joining as well. Despite being a bit fiery, he respected the club enough to make sure he never gets his brothers in trouble for his acts. His relatives ended up joining the chapter in Pine Creek for personal reasons.

They died in the wiping out of the Pine Creek chapter, something which left him with a very recent and strong desire for vengeance. He had wanted to investigate their death as well, but was never given the occasion until a part of the Arizona chapter decided to move to Pine Creek. He joined the new chapter, hoping that, one day, whoever was responsible for the death of his brothers and relatives will pay for the murders. Who knows if it will affect his relationships with the MC or the rest of the town..

His nickname is left open for the player to chose.

Jon Bernthal - 41 - Coyote - patched member - job open - available

He is the younger brother of the current Cougar Alpha, Helena Lawson-Eastham (cougar canons) and has always wanted all the independence he could get from the rest of the pride and his sister's control, even back in California. She would not allow him the bite for as long as he had not proven his worth, and yet she insisted on keeping an eye on him. He simply never was lucky enough in life to be fully able to go his own way, nor part with what means the association with the Easthams gave the Lawsons. When his sister moved to Pine Creek, he felt forced to follow as well.

That is where he became aware of the Hellhounds MC. Being already passionate about riding and motorcycles, and being avid of freedom, he allowed himself to be seduced by the lifestyle, and started hanging around the club. It gave him dream of finally making a life for himself. His motivations are strong enough he is ready to remain with the Hellhounds despite their teases related to his origins and family, as the nickname they gave him points to. In the end however, the President and his friend and advisers know there can always be a political use in having on their side the loyalty of someone related to a high ranking member of another clan.

Whether he has taken the bite to be made Coyote or not is up to the player

Ricky Whittle - 32 - Human/Coyote - Hangaround - job open - available

Maxine had always been the odd girl out. There was a part of her that liked all the things thought to be traditional 'girly things' along with liking to choose nice clothes and make-up, but she was never too good with hanging out with rest of the girls of her age. She much preferred the company of guys, often older ones than her. She liked the excitement that came with hanging out with bad boys especially, though she tended to be able to see the sweetness inside of a rare few.

This was how she was introduced to Marshall, as well: she met him through committing small crimes, fell in love with him, and despite some fights and arguments, Maxine ended up sticking with him no matter where he would go. She accompanied him during one of his criminal stints, being the Bonnie to his Clyde. Only, she did not expect it to be interrupted by Hellhounds affiliates, and found herself just as caught off-guard as Marshall was. He was taken in and interrogated by the Hellhounds, she brought along. Not that she would have let them separate her from her man anyway. She helped the latter convince the Coyotes that the two of them were not from the rival MC. When Marshall ended up indebted, she willingly remained with him.

Since she is showing no true fear for the Hellhounds and would not leave Marshall, the two started being known as an item. She has moved with the coyote pack from Arizona to Pine Creek with him. Whether or not she is a coyote or a human is up to the player.

Eliza Dushku - 32 - coyote/human - old lady - job open - available
Maxine 'Max' Buchanan

Dutch is a fresh addition to the Hellhounds MC, made prospect just recently. He has always been the kind of guy who has had a lot of big dreams and plans, but he's never gotten around to actually achieving them. Whatever he started, he seemed to drop half-way in, so that while never really became a master of anything, he has taught himself how to do a little bit of everything. A jack-of-all-trades, he was drawn in by the biker lifestyle. Initially starting to hang out around their bar and then within their bar, he did whatever tasks he was given up until the MC members started taking a notice of him.

After two years of proving his worth to the Hellhounds, he was made a prospect while in Pine Creek. If he is a Pine Creek native is up to the player. He is still a human and has not been given the bite to turn him into a coyote, though he is very aware of what most of the MC members are.

Joe Anderson - 32 - human - prospect - job open - available
Preston 'Dutch' Mclaughlin

Devil's Tattoo
 Posted: Feb 20 2018, 04:26 PM
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Group: Super Sexies
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Helena, Sebastian, Maxine Buchanan are taken, but the rest are still open and needed!
Devil's Tattoo
 Posted: Feb 22 2018, 11:27 PM
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Group: Super Sexies
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Lara de la Cruz and Marshal also taken just now, but still searching
Devil's Tattoo
 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 12:57 AM
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Group: Super Sexies
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Joined: 7-January 18

Hellhounds treasurer was claimed, but looking for numerous ranks still!
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