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 ghost dance, wixen gang in hp-verse
 Posted: Jun 28 2018, 01:12 PM
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The Banshees
I'm looking for people to join a goddamn gang. LOL. basically the Banshees are a group I've had on my brain for literally years now, with multiple attempts made to have various characters of said gang made on various sites. This is my futile attempt to get them made on a semi-private site of my own making for some stability and to hang out with my character, their leader, Sabine.

What do I mean semi-private? I mean I'm honestly not looking to make a huge site for lots of people to join, just a handful of core ppl willing to get into shenanigans with me and make any of the characters outlined below, and/or contribute their own OCs to be part of the Banshees. The site itself (jcink platform) won't be advertised on major channels (re: big resource forums and hype tumblrs), but it is not exactly closed to the masses either. If others wish to join, they can, although mostly I'm just hoping to develop a small and strong community + if they do, then I'm thinking their first character has to be a gang member before making any others (to ensure that everyone’ll have an easy way to plot with one another). The application would be super lax as well, however extensive development in general would be super encouraged.

TLDR INFO ABOUT THE GANG; the Banshees are essentially a mini-army / gang / network of crazy fucked up people that do crazy fucked up shit and crimes under Sab's leadership; they are dedicated to her, swear their allegiance to her, etc like Joker's gang of hoodlums!! (cuz Sab is basically a genderbent Joker). If your character is crazy enough to hang out with this practically half-dead, unicorn blood-drinking insanity, then she won't say no :3 Members aren't limited to those listed below (these are primarily the older members who've been with Sab for a very longlonglong time and act as her delegates), so if yer interested in having yer charrie join them or w/e then just contact me about recruitment!

The setting would probably be in some bastard variation of the Harry Potter-universe because that's where the gang originated from. Perhaps ultra-future era where Harry and his descendants don't particularly exist (so that there's more OC flexibility), but it's still the magical setting?

Core members/adoptables are listed below. All faces and names are negotiable, though if a face is a POC then they should remain a POC. Names are also negotiable. Also fellow writers must be 18+. If you're interested, PM me or message me on discord @ nyl#8973 \o/

Character Profiles
Sabine Bulstrode
TAKEN: played by nyl
— 30
— Witch
— Pureblood
— Leader of the Banshees
— Portrayal: Zoe Kravtiz

A cross between dark brilliance and aspiring madness, she has earned the reputation as a force to be reckoned within the criminal world, causing even fellow sinners to be wary of her.

Vicious, calculating, and aloof, her motives are deeply rooted in the years of abuse distributed upon her by her father, in addition to her mother's incessant badgering to help her family to climb the pureblood social ladder.

Has a great affinity for Alchemy, inspired by her desire to develop her own version of the Philosopher's Stone — a quest fueled by her family's destitution, and by multiple accounts of nearly dying, in addition to actually once being declared dead for two minutes. These encounters with death have also caused her to become reliant upon and addicted to unicorn blood, which has added to her air of detachment, and disregard for life in general as made apparent by her reckless living and countless murders.

Has nurtured the gang's establishment in the wizarding criminal underworld by providing drugs and Alchemetically-engineered weaponry, in addition to similarly nihilistic and (borderline) insane soldiers such as herself (known as the Banshees), and adding a bit of fun to the whole ordeal with her sardonicism.

Thrives off of chaos and mayhem, reveling in the destructive aspect of violence sweeping the world of crime and seeping into the shiny overlay of city and country; essentially to her: more war/crime means more fun for her and her cohorts.

Danilo Grimm
— 31-36
— Wizard
— Pureblood (probably)
— Second-in-Command
— Suggested: Diego Luna

Danilo is essentially the genderbent Harley Quinn to Sabine's Joker. YAY!!! While Marla is Sab's left hand, Danilo is Sab's right hand ♥

Bright and passionate, he was formerly a model citizen, looked upon with high hopes to succeed in life in spite of his family's low social standing. The intention was to capitalize on his knack for mind-related healing, but this also led him to a crooked path upon which he is still treading.

When working as a healer at St. Mungo's Asylum some years ago, he was tricked into helping Sabine Bulstrode escape (an act which continues further on as their relationship continues) due to his fascination with, and eventual devotion, to her.

Basically, he became fascinated by Sabine's craziness, would often visit her and whatnot, and ended up falling for her. Seeing this, Sab took advantage of it and got him to help her escape — this was upon their first encounters with one another, because by now he is just Bonnie/Clyde status with her and constantly part of her shenanigans.

Because Sabine has a certain air of detachment to her and can be rather condescending to Danilo, and even sleep with other dudes, it's sometimes questionable how much she really cares for him, and sometimes people even question if they even like each other based on how often they'll get into fights with one another

But trust, they've got that special somethin' with one another even though Danilo occasionally contemplates killing her in her sleep LOL

Dan also acts as her enforcer, caretaker (e.g. when she gets into it bad, he's the only one she trusts to distribute doses of unicorn blood to her, which also means he has to carry a vial of it on him at all times, etc — sorry is totally slightly Quirrell hahaha), and consigliere because Marla is usually the one making sure people don't kill her (including Dan haha; i.e. holding the two apart when they get into very heated arguments)

It's kind of funny because Danilo is clearly a bright guy and could've achieved a lot as a Healer, but he clearly needs to look at his lyf and look at his choices because his love for Sab is likely going to get him killed

re: disciples who love their messiah too much ftw

Marla "Nyx" Bulstrode
— 17-19
— Witch
— Pure or Half
— Third-in-Command
— Suggested: Amandla Stenberg

This darling little angel is Sab's left hand, personal bodyguard, and protégé modeled after Gogo Yubari because of things and reasons.

Marla is actually her niece — she's the daughter of Sab's elder sister, Cosima who had Marls really young and is sort of estranged from her because of that; she essentially left her with her grandmother (mama Bulstrode aka Minerva Travers-Bulstrode) to take care of her and do her own thing (e.g. pursuing a spot at the ministry of magic as an auror/auror-handler) so she was hardly around which totally rubbed Marla the wrong way even though she does care for her daughter.

Marls was on the path to becoming a hardcore drug addict, probably dropped out of Hogwarts because of it, but Sabine took her in, took care of her, and helped ween her off of the REALLY bad drugs (which means she probably still does some, but not too many haha), saved her a few times, etc — what I'm trying to say is that Marla's got a really strong affinity for Sabine, regards her very highly, feels as though she owes her life to Sab, and probably looks up to her as a very strong matriach figure in her life (as fucked up as that may sound) and is definitely the only other figure fighting with Danilo to be first in line to give their lives up for Sabine

If someone were to try and kill Sabine, Marla is the first line of defense, and a super go-getter, take no prisoners kind of bitch :3 she's crazy as fuck (for various reasons including whatever other reason you might like haha), and isn't afraid of getting her hands dirty

And while I'm on that, I think it'd be pretty cool if Marla was a metamorphmagus — this could have helped draw Sab's attention to her initially, since she's an alchemist, she's very interested in the study of transformation, and could have been trying to extract Marla's blood to help develop her own version of a Philosopher's Stone!

Marla will sometimes even metamorph to look like Sab whenever she needs a representative at a meeting for safety reasons; and sometimes Sab will polyjuice as Marla in order to be there and occasionally get her killin' on

Along with Danilo, she is something of a second-in-command to Sabine's mini-army called the Banshees

May or may not have a thing for Zerlinda Mokrani — though tbh she just likes older individuals in general, especially when they don't try to dumb shit down for her because she's younger, so it may just be another instance of admiration since ZZ is a badass werewolf.

And tbh whether or not Marla is a pure/half doesn't matter, because as far as Sab's concerned, she'll utilize whatever she fucking wants to get what's she wants (as noted above)

Orazio Bulstrode
— 32-38
— Wizard
— Pureblood
— Legal Council to the Banshees
— Suggested: Lakeith Stanfield

ORIII!!! Ok, lbr, Ori is kind of Sab's favorite tbqh — like, she loves all of her siblings, but Ori was kind of a terrible influence on her growing up and it was the best thing ever okay. LOL

He's inspired by Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, but if you don't watch that, it's okay, cuz imma lay down the law for ya, boo.

Orazio's Sab's older brother and a super charismatic dude, and essentially a magical lawyer, known for representing less-than-savory individuals; i.e. criminals. And he's fucking good at it.

As slippery as he is, he's excellent at bullshitting his way through anything and there's a reason why he has so many clients: he keeps them well out of prison, or at least manages to get them small sentences.

His morals may be questionable, but there is no doubt that he knows his shit when it comes to law, and how to manipulate it to fit the needs of his clients.

Most other lawyers hate his guts because he's a bit of a skeeze and low-life in comparison to the big dogs, but he thinks they can all fuck themselves because the way he sees it, he's a self-made man with lots of great connections (albeit mostly from the criminal underworld haha) and that's more than his dad could ever say.

On that note, I'll mention he hates his dad too — when Flavio Bulstrode would come home and beat on his family, Ori would often try to stop him; this didn't always go so well, though, as Ori would then end up being sent to the hospital (and not even like, Mungo's — they'd bring him to a muggle hospital so as not to draw attention to themselves in the magical community, even though EVERYONE KNEW HOW FUCKED UP FLAVIO WAS -breathes-).

In terms of his relationship with Sab, he was such a good big brother to her I cannot. even. ;-; I mean, sure, he would often encourage her getting into trouble when they were kids cuz he's of the mischeivous sort, but she was always appreciative of him looking out for her and their family since their dad was terrible.

He's also the one that's usually representing her during trials, because she's clearly involved a shitton of criminal activity; he usually plays the crazy card with her, getting her sent to Mungo's Asylum instead of Azkaban, but sometimes he gets worried cuz he might not be able to keep doing this if she's constantly getting in trouble but w/e w/e.

He's basically legal counsel to Sab and the Banshees, and he probably works a lot with Danilo, Sab's lover right-hand man, to keep their shenanigans under the radar of law enforcement, or at least make it difficult to tie back to them, by connecting them to evidence removers, impersonators, and more. :3

Blair Griffiths
TAKEN: played by loz
— 30
— Witch
— Halfblood
— Head of Logistics
— Portrayal: Pom Klementieff

Blair is a retired pro quidditch player, forced into retirement early due to a really bad injury that she still has scars from, which was then followed with being accused of using performance enhancing potions and cursing equipment to win games. She's pretty peeved still about having to quit her "dream" and all the bad press that came from it (she fucking hates the pity-looks as well), and often longs for getting back on a broom.

This is how the illegal broom racing started — it began for shits and giggles (mostly to see how far they could get before getting into a shitton of trouble for being on a broom in front of muggles, etc) before it became a full-fledged thing that she often oversees the coordination of whenever they have "events".

She and Sab had not only been friends back at Hogwarts, but best friends as well — when they were still goody two-shoes, they'd do the whole princess-bitch scene together, and then when they started up on drugs (thanks, Rocko), they would continue to party together and fuck shit up, etc, and there have been a few instances where they were in a jail cell together laughing their asses off. They never really stopped being friends once they got older, and when Blair fell from the pitch, Sab was there to help get her back on her feet, etc.

The pair of them, along with Danilo, often plan and orchestrate the hijacking that the Banshees do, having to pick out the best of their broom-riders from the bunch to get that shit done efficiently, etc and later use/sell, which in turn requires a lot of work with Rocko Briscall (with whom she has something of a love-hate relationship with to which Sab insists the pair of them need to “bang out” to resolve).

What's more, Blair is a bit estranged from her family ever since she stopped playing quidditch. They weren't really able to help with her anger about it, and seeing how well her siblings are doing now kind of pisses her off, especially with one of them now being an auror/hitwix, even though they used to be rly close as they used to look up to Blair. So in the end, it's probably better off that they aren't as close anymore, although there's been word that the DMLE are beginning to take notice of the illegal racing that they put on and taking something of an interest in it, i.e. sending emissaries in, which makes her very wary of her sibling.

Zerlinda Mokrani
— 29-33
— Witch
— Tainted
— Head of Security
— Suggested: Sofia Boutella

Despite coming from a very prominent Pureblood family, Zerlinda herself isn't held in very high regard to them because she's considered tainted since she's been afflicted with the werewolf infection ever since she was a little kid, bitten while visiting family in Algeria. She came to Hogwarts with a lot of stress on herself to do well despite her condition, which led to how she became so close with the older Banshee members early on from their days as students.

Over time, however, she's become very jaded from the treatment of werewolves and those considered "creatures" in general. She holds a lot of anger from that and takes that out by handling some of the more violent elements of the Banshees — the main enforcer for the gang, while also acting as something as head of security (e.g. protecting Banshee HQ aka Casa de la Bine).

To ensure the Banshee's reputation as fierce, nihilistic lunatics, she and Sab have a grand ol' time hazing the younger members and also getting them all riled up when they're about to do something what some may consider rather stupid brash.

She also tends to work really closely with Marla Bulstrode (Sab's niece), in addition to the other older Banshee members, because of the security aspect and their likeness in violent tendencies. It was also actually her idea for Marla to sometimes use her metamorphmagus ability to sit in for Sabine when they conduct especially dangerous business, to throw off authorities, etc.

There is the possibility that she and Marla may actually share affections for one another on a romantic level, but there isn't really any proof as Zerlinda is usually kind of all over the place about that sort of thing anyway.

Rocko Briscall
— 30
— Wizard
— Open Lineage
— Head of Distribution
— Suggested: Boyd Holbrook

In addition to being a conductor for the Knight Bus, Rocko is kind of a jack of all trades for the Banshees, acting as a soldier/informer/connect/grifter/etc, while simultaneously heading off the distribution of Banshee product (e.g. drugs). As a connector, he keeps track of all the goings-on with the Banshees and the crime-world in general, and is prone to keeping his eyes/ears open for that sort of thing, and keeping up with the network of gang members and associates to keep Sabine informed and whatnot.

Seems like a total dickhead as he's loud, obnoxious, and dirty, and usually seems reallyreally stupid (he isn't), but he's also a bit slippery, as in, tough to trust since he doesn't at all seem that reliable, but when he's loyal, his loyalty never waves. He can be boisterously affectionate when the latter comes into play, and honestly kind of personable despite it being hard to understand his accent and overfrequent use of cockney/slang.

Rocko and Sabine weren't just friends in Hogwarts, but prior as well with both coming from very poor backgrounds they grew up a bit together. He was, in fact, the person to introduce gillyweed to Sab and her group of friends (that he's always been sort of in and out of because he's rather sketchy), and get them onto other drugs as they progressed through their recreational usage.

Having that pre-established relationship with them, he was a natural to become part of the Banshees, and especially works closely with Blair Griffiths (with whom he should ‘just hook up with already, honestly,’ says Sab).

Ichabod "Sticky Icky" Borgin
— 26-30
— Wizard
— Open Lineage
— Bodyguard/Henchman to Orazio Bulstrode
— Suggested: Joe Gilgun

Ichabod is a bit of the resident dirty mongrel shithead (second to Rocko, really), as he jokes around a fucking lot and doesn't appear to consider consequences of his actions, appearing to often disregard the feelings of others — though that's more of a defense mechanism, having his own sense of self-loathing that he tries to over-compensate for.

Sticky specializes in grifting, though he's also currently been assigned to play the part of bodyguard for Sab's own brother, Orazio Bulstrode.

He also works on-and-off at the ministry for Magical Maintenance — which some might think is total shit, but, hey he's got access to a lot of shit over there that the Banshees appreciate, so it ain't that bad, alright?

After being taken in by Rocko, the elder Banshees have found that they all like him well enough, because he's scrappy and doesn't usually question their orders or motives.

He seems blissfully ignorant of things, and is often a pretty happy guy, despite being a bit rough around the edges. He isn't actually a bad person, but he can be quite impulsive, and his judgement-calls aren't always the best when caught in a tight spot.

Keelan Moon
— 26-30
— Witch or Wizard
— Open Lineage
— Bodyguard/Henchman to Orazio Bulstrode
— Suggested: Avan Jogia or Rasika Navare

In addition to being the second bodyguard/henchman-type to Horatio Bulstrode, Moon is also a runner for the Banshees.

Their position stems from their excellent broom-riding ability, being one of the best riders and racers in the gang, much to Blair Griffth's delight.

Moon's a lot quieter than their "colleague", Ichabod Borgin, and significantly more serious-looking in appearance, but has been known to let loose every once in a while, especially when the Banshees are feeling especially rowdy.

Upon graduating from Hogwarts, Moon was intended to be recruited into one of the pro quidditch teams, but decided against it to help take care of their father who was suffering from illness.

Moon later tried going for law enforcement as a Hitwix, but quickly discovered it just wasn't for them (they'd rather be making the trouble instead of stopping it). Instead, Moon wound up using those acquired skills as a security guard for Gringotts Bank (which Moon can still occasionally be found working at), and, most importantly, as a protector of Ori.

Requested Characters
Sebastian Bulstrode
— 30
— Wizard
— Pureblood
— Owner of Hone & Strop; optional participation in the Banshees
— Suggested: Keith Powers or Reece King

Twin brother to Sabine, three minutes older. Thick as thieves.

Owns and runs a barber shop called Hone & Strop — he is in fact well-known for his straight razor skills. If you know the ~password~, you can get access to a ~secret~ pub in the back known as Sìth & Spirits, a sort of play on the old "rest in peace." It's very scarcely peaceful in there though truth be told.

Hardly much more of a responsible adult than his twin.

I was going to list him as part of the gang but tbh I'm not entirely sure he's part of it or not? It's kind of up to the player if he is, or if he has his own operation going on in alliance with the Banshees.

Cosima Bulstrode
— 31-40
— Witch
— Pureblood
— Seer & Auror Handler for the DMLE
— Suggested: Gugu Mbatha Raw

Essentially: Cosima's an uber pathological liar, and no one can ever tell whether what she's saying is true or not. It's not that she means to do this, it's just a thing she developed over time as a coping mechanism (I meeeeaaaan, idk if you read that stuff up top about the fam, but y'know, y'know).

The main thing is she's a Seer, though not a terribly strong one for now?, she at least has very good intuition in terms of determining odds. She mostly sees things in small glimpses and it isn't as though she's able to just pull prophecies out of her ass whenever she feels like it.

However, she used to sell her ability to witches/wizards and muggles alike, making money as a glorified Fortune Teller. Up until the ministry recruited her to use for ability for #Good.

This isn't to say she may not still use it on the side to make a little profit. But A lot of her clients tend to be gamblers, but in the past she pretty much divined for whoever she can cheat the most money off of. She was prone to telling people what they want to hear because people hate bad news and she'll usually claim putting curses on people if they try to fuck with her if she's "wrong". haha Though honestly she has more of a penchant toward predicting DEATHS. And this only seems to be amplifying the more she works with at the DMLE (probably like an auror handler?), by this, she's becoming more apt to sensing when someone is about to die, and it usually occurs within two weeks. (re: her reputation among the aurors and hitwix is getting kind of fearsome)

I think it might be interesting too, if she's beginning to indulge a gambling habit, because all the Bulstrode kids share some sort of combination of traits from their parents in varying degrees; and also because the werewolf cagefights are probably a thing. OR she could be getting her act together, and trying to rly separate herself from the rest of her lawless siblings, haha.

She and Sab used to share their own closeness, as the Bulstrode siblings often had to rely on each other for support given the usual shittiness of their parents.

Nowadays though, she and Sab began drifting apart due to Cosima's participating in killing off their father — while he was already riddled with bone disease and Sab did most of the torturing, Cosi was there the entire time and didn't stop her; despite his assholerificness, she was distraught by her own inability to stop her (wondering if it made her worse than Sab for letting it happen)

Then there's the fact that her daughter, Marla Bulstrode, seems to adore her aunt, Sabine, way more than her own mum -- granted it's because Sab's a terrible fucking influence on the kid and lets her get into crazy shenanigans with her and pretty much do w/e she wants LOL so they argue about that sometimes too and dfkgjkdflg oops

Because Cosi DOES love her daughter, but I'm thinking she had Marla when she was young and didn't have a very good relationship with her daughter's father (you can definitely be the judge of how/why, though I'd recommend discussing it with me and whoever takes Marla in case she's taken first :3)

Also pretty sure Cosi was also the one who found Sabine when she had an overdose when she was a teenager ;-;

Anyway, now as part of the DMLE she keeps catching wiffs of what her family's been up to and she's torn between looking out for them and looking out for her own self.

Warren Wilkes
— 30
— Wizard
— Pure or Half
— Wizarding Lawyer
— Suggested: Park Seo Joon

Ngl, he's heavily inspired by Mike Ross from Suits, but in case you haven't watched that show here's the deal: Warren, as it were, is a little smartass who is still trying to learn how to think before he speaks, because he can be a little impulsive, but he mostly means well, honest! He is also an associate attorney at a wizarding law firm his brother owns/runs.

Warren's very smart, but also tends to be very lazy because of it — whether or not this is attributed by him having eidetic memory or not is totally up to you (i.e. he doesn't have to have that trait, but the main thing is he's a bit of a lazy genius haha).

That being said, it's gotten him into a lot of trouble growing up; for one thing, he didn't like doing schoolwork cuz it was too easy (so why do it at all amiright??), and for another, he often ended up using his smarts for less than productive means (e.g. making money off of selling test answers and shit like that) — in fact, he started Sabine Bulstrode while there, and together they got into drugs and he almost dropped out. Luckily, they both made it through Hogwarts officially, but it continuously got worse thereafter.

I imagine he began getting into shenanigans with Sab, and occasionally spent a few nights in jail for essentially being a delinquent LOL, but eventually his family had had enough and they had an intervention and steered him onto the right track, blahblah.

Upon his father stepping down from his Wizengamot position and disappearing (to France), Warren's brother has felt the need to step up as the glue to hold his family together. On that note, he's taking very serious care with Warren, because he is the youngest and the one who kept getting into a lot of shit while growing up, so he just wants to make sure he doesn't take this as an excuse to start acting out and doing drugs and trying to hang out with Sab again x_x

Knowing that his brother taking him on as an associate at his firm is a really big favour to him, it's obvs that Warren wants to do well and meet his brother's standards, but it's also a lot of pressure and just ;-;

And while his brother can be tough on him, it's also obvs that he sees a lot of potential in him and just wants him to do well :L they're really close and trust each other, and it's apparent that they work really well together too! and also occasionally smoke gillyweed at Warren's apartment but shhhh

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bumping this!
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