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 Mystic Falls Hellmouth needs YOU!!!, BTVS/TO/TVS/Angel the series
 Posted: Apr 2 2015, 08:16 PM
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Genre: Supernatural site based on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel the series, The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.
Description: Well I'm not looking for staff for now but we are looking for members. Especially humans and werewolves because we are nearing the Full Moon. But to get to the point we seriously need these characters like we need air because now we are just godmoding them until we find them.

Cast Needed ::

Bonnie Bennett - Bonnie has gone to the dark side and is now Klaus's ally and main witch.

Willow Rosenberg - Willow is the only powerful wicca/witch that can help the residents of Mystic Falls and Los Angeles. Now that Bonnie has gone dark, its Willow that must step up and play hero to both fandoms

Faith Lehane - Faith is back and is trying to get Angelus back to Angel, she has no idea just how deep Angelus has gone and getting Angel might be dangerous.

Damon Salvatore - Damon is now with Elena Gilbert. She chose him and because of that Stefan fled to L.A his emotions turned off. Damon wakes up from his sweet dream with Elena to realize just how much of a Hellmouth the town has gotten.

Darla - Angelus's maker and on and off lover.

Marcel Gerard - His maker is back in town with a witch in tow. New Orleans is his town, he doesn't realize how powerful Bonnie is and therefore willing to test it.

Cordelia Chase - With Angelus out of his cage, Cordy will do everything in her power to help stop him and bring back Angel. Cordy knows how dangerous Angelus is

Mystic Falls Hellmouth

California once held one of the biggest and most well-known destinations for anything hell could spit out. Sunny Dale was the mouth of hell and weather you were a slayer, a vampire with a soul or many of the misguided individuals who to tried to form out an existence your ultimate goal was to keep the darkness from swallowing you. Los Angeles was little better with its evil Law firm that called the shots when it saw fit until Angelus took over. Even then it held its own agenda until the final battle commenced. Sunny dale now stands as the next biggest creator in the ground since the Grand Canyon and LA is a battle field where much of it has been burned to the ground.

Some of the old gang has chosen to stay behind and resurrect what they believe should be their rightful home not wanting to letting LA be overrun by hell itself. They see a city worth saving and a people worth fighting for. Others have moved on to what they see as the next haven for the supernatural Mystic Falls. Where vampires, werewolves and the dead walk the streets as if they have not a care in the world. There is a rumor that this may be the newest breeding ground for hell beasts and the champions of good cannot sit idly by.

Mystic Falls has now a lot to contend with. The original Hybrid is on a rampage his after hybrid army has failed and his only known source of creating more is a vampire. He will seek a new source of power to gain what he has always sought. Stefan has left for LA seeking freedom from the heartache of losing his girl to his brother again. Willow Rosenberg the most powerful witch the world has ever seen is supposed to ban together with Bonnie Bennett to bring back the dead but she is tired of being taken for granted and has given into expression. Can Willow and those closest to her bring her back before it’s too late? Meanwhile, the once dark slayer known as Faith will try and regain the one person who never gave up on her after he has lost all hope and prevent hell from once again reigning down upon the earth like the plague. Each person has their own path that they will travel down some more self-destructive than others. Yet all with relatively the same goal: to live and prosper in a world that would rather destroy you then watch you succeed. We may have won one battle to keep peace order but we have not yet won the war. Will peace as we once knew it be restored or will that simply remain for those that are blissfully ignorant?
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