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 Supernatural (series)
 Posted: Jul 1 2013, 04:30 PM
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Site Name and link: Rage&Grace (

Site info: Set midway through the Supernatural's Season Two premiere episode "In My Time Of Dying", Rage&Grace swings into Alternate Universe territory with a new twist on what could have been, had the Yellow Eyed Demon been a little more devious and John Winchester just a bit more desperate.

Canon/Role requested:

JOHN WINCHESTER - HUNTER who has opened the doors to the Hell to save the life of his eldest son Dean. Currently MiA.

LUCIFER - The current - albeit, imprisoned - King Of Hell. Stuck in his cage in the pit, he's awaiting being released. There's a plan almost ready to come into action though, but it's going to rely on a few rather unhelpful beings.

MEG MASTERS - Azazel's daughter. Currently assisting her father, the yellow eyed demon, in his goals of raising Lucifer.

RUBY - Pesky little two-faced she-demon who is hellbent on seeing Lucifer rise.

MICHAEL - Archangel. Brother to Lucifer, Gabriel, Raphael. Currently in Heaven, awaiting Lucifer rising.

RAPHAEL - Archangel. Brother to Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael. Currently in Heaven, awaiting Lucifer rising. Guardian of the prophet Chuck.

CHUCK - Prophet. Writer of the book series, 'Supernatural'. Likes to drink. Really, really, likes to drink.

KEVIN TRAN - Prophet. Scholar. Nerd. Rather unwilling. Doesn't drink. Probably should. Has no known guardian (other than his mother).

LILITH - Lucifer's right hand. Currently unaware she is about to be double crossed by Crowley. Working on breaking Lucifer free.

LEVIATHANS - Word is their leader Dick Roman may soon be making an appearance. He needs minions.

Other notes?:
AU. Mature rated. Also looking for angels/demons/creatures for a role in raising Lucifer (plot coming soon).
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