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 Why?, why this place exists [ZE RULES YO]
Ferris Bueller
 Posted: Feb 3 2012, 10:15 PM
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Here is a true story.

    I had this want ad that I really wanted someone to fill. I was so excited and it was all I could think about in my roleplay. Getting someone to fill my want ad. So I went around to every resource board I was a member of and put my want ad up and I sat and waited in anticipation. Within a few hours, it was bumped off the first page. Within a day, it was bumped off the second. I sat helplessly, watching my ad fall further and further into the abyss because of an arbitrary rule stating I wasn't allowed to bump my ad for several days.
When we're wanting something filled, be it a want ad or some canons or just for someone to take a stab at an employment ad, we want it as soon as possible. Yet we have to jump through so many hoops in order to just get the word out there. You have to be a member, you have to have so many posts, you have to use a form, and you can only bump it once a week. That is a lot of stuff to go through just to post one little ad. It's a wonder we all don't just give up on the whole process.

So that's why I came up with the idea to make this place. A place free of arbitrary registration and forms and post counts. You don't have to
  • Register
  • Use a form
  • Have a certain number of posts
  • Link us back on your roleplay
And about bumping? Bump it whenever you like. Now obviously don't be obnoxious about it and sit on the site all day long so that your ad never leaves the index.

The point is, you can be as aggressive about your ad as you want to be. Others might be fine to post it and forget about it or bump it once a day or every two days. But there is no rule dictating a minimum time between.
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