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 ~ characters needed for dragons of the dawn ~, | specific & general characters needed |
 Posted: Jun 21 2014, 08:46 PM
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Dragons of the Dawn is currently seeking people to fulfill these characters' roles:

Name: Tōboe
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Rank: Leader of the Dragons' Side
Affiliation: Dragons
Age: 30
Species: Wolf Dragon
Color: Grey-black scales, jet black fur
Personality: Tōboe is a short-tempered, hot-headed dragon. He is extremely vicious and will not hesitate to resort to violence in order to get his way. He fought his way to the leader's position with immense strength and he rules over his subjects with an iron claw, instilling fear and terror in their hearts with the threat of death if they disobey.
Traits: Hateful, Power-hungry, Spiteful, Evil, Short-tempered
Appearance: Tōboe has a long, jet black tail, longer than most of his kind. He is smaller in stature, too, but his looks are deceiving. His eyes are jade green, though they have flecks of yellow in them. His horns are short and sharp and are dull gold in color. His scales are greyish black.
Element: Arcane
Powers: Can shoot blasts of pure arcane energy ("arcane breath"), as well as channel arcane magic into his claws and teeth. Tōboe can also breathe arcane essence and can corrupt the earth beneath his feet by digging his claws into the ground and channeling energy into them.

Name: Donaru
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Rank: Right-hand of Tōboe
Affiliation: Dragons
Age: 28
Species: Summerflame Dragon
Color: Orange and Red
Personality: Donaru has a fiery temper, though less of one than Tōboe, who he is "best friends" with and serves dutifully. He is not afraid to do whatever needs to be done to fulfill the goals of the dragons. However, when Tōboe is extremely angry due to one reason or another, he sits back and watches, afraid to intervene for fear of being affected by his "friend's" threats.
Traits: Occasionally fearful, Fiery-tempered, Dutiful
Appearance: Donaru is a large Summerflame, and even though he is larger than Tōboe, he still obeys his every command. His wings have small claws on the end, abnormal for most Summerflames, and his dull horns are ivory in color. His claws are sharp and made for combat.
Element: Fire
Powers: Has fire breath, as well as the ability to spit fire balls.

This list is updated regularly, so be sure to check back frequently!

If you would like to adopt a character please post the character form in the "Character Adoption" topic on-site after you sign up. I will post and accept your character submission if I believe you will be able to play this character well enough. Please include a sample of your roleplaying so that I may evaluate your skill. You must be at least semi-literate to literate to adopt a character.

Dragons of the Dawn is also seeking general characters not plot-specific but created by its members.

List of Adopted Characters
None at the moment.

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