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 Queens and Bad Guys!, Supernatural/Anita Blake site
 Posted: Nov 28 2014, 02:58 PM
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Hey there! I have two characters that need filling!!

SAGE: Oba/Hyena Queen and Bad Guy!

Name: Sage (Last name up to you)

Possible Face: Evan Rachel Wood

Position: Oba, Hyena Queen and Head Security for the Kiss

Sage is quite a deviant little woman. She looks soft and nice but her power is one to be respected and even feared. She loves her people but is somewhat of a man hater, though she would never say as much to Felix because she fears him. She is somewhat of a Sadist and perhaps thats why she's lasted as long as she has with Felix. She likes women of power but also can be very jealous of them. She is close to Lydia but sometimes she hates the woman because of jealousy. She uses Leopards and Wolves to often entertain her time. She rules with no remorse and will not take any disobedience and takes her role as head of security very seriously and while she might not look like much in the way of fighting she was trained by some of the best in hand to hand combat and has a wide knowledge of weapons. Its rumored she's a former spy.

LYDIA: Snake Queen and Bad Guy!!

Name: Lydia (Last name up to you)

Possible Face: Charlize Theron

Species: Snake

Position: Kadra (Snake Queen) Animal Servant to Felix the Master of the City

She is quite a Sadist but is very submissive to Felix and only him. She rules with an iron fist and while she might appear to be delicate and beautiful she is very powerful and quite a skilled fighter. She doesn't take no for an answer and doesn't like showing any weakness. She thinks snakes to be the superior species, after Vampires of course, and spoils Felix and is often a victim of him. Strong willed and maybe crazy to some degree there is a reason she is that way.

You can contact me on YIM and Skype as ThePursuitofRP or pop on the site and say hello in the Cbox!
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